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2020 Remember and Honor 1945 Red Army Military

Ride Code: R4S2020RU_4152

Start Date: August 15, 2020 End Date: August 31, 2020

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Registered Riders

Daniel (Dan) Smith

United States

Maximillian Marco Katz


Andre Goldstein


Alexander Hanke


sam steiner


Gary Burd

United States

Nathan Peled


Bogdan-Iulian Tudora


Lio Zosmer


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In 2020 the World will commemorate 75 years since the liberation of Nazi Death Camps in Europe by the US Military, by the Red Army and by the British Forces. We will be part of this commemoration. In July 2020 we will be riding in the US for remembering and honoring the US Military, liberators of the Nazi Death Camps in Europe. A month later we will be riding from Auschwitz Birkenau to Moscow and back: Remembering and Honoring the 1945 Soviet army liberators of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The ride will leave Auschwitz – Birkenau on 15 August 2020 and is expected to end on 31 August 2020, at the latest. The project was initiated by Maximillian Marco Katz and it is managed by Maximillian Marco Katz (Romania) and Andre Goldstein (Germany). This ride is coordinated with the Russian authorities. Want to join us? drop a line.


Because of logistic limitations, the number of participants will be limited

Each participant will cover (all) his ride costs

Participants agree to accept and follow, in full, all the ride instructions to be announced by the organizers

More info in English ….below the Hebrew

ב2020 מציינים 75 שנים מאז שיחרור אושוויץ בירקנאו ועוד מספר מחנות השמדה נאצים ע”י הצבא האדום. במסגרת זו אנו מארגנים מסע לזכר חיילים הרוסים שהשתתפו בשיחרור המחנות הנ”ל. המסע יצא לדרך מאושוויץ, יעצור בווארשה, יעבור במחנות לשעבר בבלארוס ויגיע למוסקבה. ממוסקבה נחזור לאושוויץ. רוכבים כ4000 ק”מ במשך שבועיים. המסע הוא בהליך תכנון ויצא לפועל בתמיכת שלטונות רוסיה. הוא יהיה מסע המשך למסע שאנו מקיימים בחודש יולי, בארהב, לזכר חיילי צבע ארה”ב שהשתתפו בשיחרור מחנות ריכוז אחרים באירופה של שנת 1945. כל רוכב ממן את עלות השתתפותו
  מספר המשתתפים מוגבל 
לא כל בקשת השתתפות תאושר

מעוניין?  נא ליצור קשר, באנגלית, לכתובת


GATHERING  AND STARTING DATE On August 12 and 13 we will be gathering in Auschwitz. The ride will start on the morning of  August 15 and it will end, also in Auschwitz on September 1st.

COSTS As in our previous rides, bikers will cover their own costs. Costs of fuel and reparations (if needed) of the chase vehicle and other common costs will be equally split among the participants.

FLAGS and INSIGNIA Customized 6 x9 US and Israeli flags will be produced (please make sure you have flag poles on your bike). We will also produce stickers and possibly some pins. We ask each biker to participate in covering the production costs which we will announce shortly. (Note: we will charge only the production costs). Each bike should have 3 mounted flag poles.

ORGANIZING TEAM The ride is organized and led by  Maximillian Marco Katz and  Andre Goldstein.

SAFETY RULES and DISCIPLINE In order to ensure the safety of all the bikers, rules will be agreed to when meeting in Auschwitz. IMPORTANT Each participant biker has to be aware of the security issues that R4S bikers could face, especially when riding with Israeli flags up.

REGISTRATION Bikers wishing to join our ride, are required to register here http://ride4solidarity.com/rider-registration/ . Please make sure you upload a face portrait (face) photo. Once the registration has been approved we will contact each biker by email. Please make sure you provide the correct and up to date contact info. Please note that because of logistical limitations,  we might have to limit the number of participants to no more than 20 bikers.

SPONSORS  We are seeking sponsors and any support will be much appreciated. In this respect, we contacted relevant organizations. Any sums collected from sponsors will be allocated to covering the expenses of all the team members. The donations, if received, will be administered in concordance with transparency principles and are fully accountable.

WANT TO DONATE. THIS IS HOW TO DO IT     On the top of the page, there is a DONATE button. Individuals wishing to take part in the financial effort the bikers are making for showing their support with Israel can help by accessing the DONATE button. Any and all donations are registered and displayed on the web page under each sponsor’s page. Any sums collected from sponsors will be allocated to covering the expenses of all the team members. The donations, if received, will be administered in concordance with transparency principles and are fully accountable.

TRAVEL, HEALTH, PERSONAL and VEHICLE INSURANCE   At the time when the R4S organizers are helping with gathering the relevant information, each participant biker is responsible for making any and all the traveling arrangements, including visas (if required) and insurances.

TRAFFIC REGULATIONS AND VIOLATIONS    Each participant biker has the responsibility of informing himself on the traffic regulations specific to the states we are crossing on our road. Each participant biker is responsible for the effects of any traffic violation.


  • –  Good health and endurance ( we will be riding 250-300 miles per day)
  • – Well maintained, fully functioning motorcycle
  • – Valid driving license,
  • – To be the legal owner/renter of the motorcycle you ride during the ride,
  • – Legal valid registration documents of the participating motorcycle,
  • – Valid passport with valid relevant visas ( if required)
  • – Proper riding and safety equipment ( including rain protection)
  • – Valid relevant insurance
  • – Team spirit and positive attitude
  • Participating bikers commit to:
    1. Follow in full  the ride’s leaders indications/instructions/decisions
    2. Respect and follow the schedule, including  instant changes imposed by the developing on road conditions
    3. Respect and follow all the safety rules to be announced.
    4. The organizers reserve the right to exclude from the ride any and all riders not respecting the above

For making this happen, we need you! Support us and make a difference. We need your help. Moral, logistical and financial. If you are a biker then donate from your time and come to ride with us. If you are not a biker come to meet us. Spread the word about our ride and join us. Be part of this unique and historical ride.

For additional details contact us at info@ride4solidarity.com or by WhatsApp on +40 743 254 382(Europe) or +1 806 6709669 (USA).

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