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2018 R4S ISRAEL70 From Los Angeles to New York

Ride Code: R4SIL-US2018_1805

Start Date: October 13, 2018 End Date: October 28, 2018

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MAJOR CITIES: Santa Monica, Needles, Flagstaff, Gallup, Santa Rosa, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Joplin, St. Louis, Joliet, Chicago, Lima, Parkersburg, Hagerstown, New York,

MAJOR CITIES: Santa Monica, Needles, Flagstaff, Gallup, Santa Rosa, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Joplin, St. Louis, Joliet, Chicago, Lima, Parkersburg, Hagerstown, New York,

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Daniel Smith

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Rodney McCray

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Maximillian M Katz


Dan Sifford

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Gary Burd

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Jon Potter

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In 2018, the State of Israel, the outcome of Theodor Herzl’s dream and initiative, is celebrating 70 years of existence. For marking this historical date, the Ride4Solidarity motorcycle community is organizing two commemorative rides:

– The R4S HERZL ride will take place in Europe. Starting on June 08 and ending on June 24, the ride is organized by the undersigned (Jozsef Horvath). R4S HERZL ride will follow the locations where Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist Movement and the spiritual father of the State of Israel, lived the important moments of his life. At least 10 bikers, from different countries, will start the journey from the birthplace of Herzl in Budapest, riding to Vienna, Basel, Paris, Berlin and back to Budapest. Along the road, we will honor the memory of Herzl, the dreamer whose dream came true in 1948, 70 years ago, when the State of Israel became a nation among nations.

– The R4S USIL70 ride will happen in the United States of America. From October 13 to October 28, Christian and Jewish bikers will cross America, from Los Angeles to New York, also celebrating the establishment of the State of Israel, 70 years ago. Organized by Pastor Gary Burd from Mission M25 (USA), with the help of Alan Atkins (USA) and Maximillian Marco Katz (Romania), the founder of Ride4Solidarity, this ride will also mark 70 years of unbreakable friendship between the United States of America and the State of Israel.

In June 2017, a group of 14 bikers from 6 countries, the US included, riding together from London to Jerusalem, in support of the State of Israel. For the first time in history Jews and Christians, European and American, all Zionists, rode 8,000 km across Europe and Israel, with Israeli flags flying on their motorcycles, showing solidarity in the face of terrorism, for peace, for hope, and for democracy. Celebrating the positive contribution of the State of Israel to Humanity, celebrating 50 years since the Six Day War, celebrating the liberation and the unification of Jerusalem, the Ride4Solidarity (R4S) bikers remembered on their route, in Dachau and in Munich, the victims of the Holocaust and Terrorism. In Israel, at the culmination of the journey from London to Tel Aviv and on to Jerusalem, carrying the Torch of the Macabbiah Games, the 14 R4S bikers were part of the opening ceremony for the biggest Jewish Olympic-style Games, bringing together, in Jerusalem, more than 30,000 Jews from all over the World. (more about R4S 2017 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_krBKn6wK8&index=7&list=UUSNaoPv0ZI7yDk7C4ImzTYw  and here http://ride4solidarity.com/about-rides/?slug=r4s )

Continuing the 2017 R4S London to Jerusalem mission tradition, the R4S HERZL and the R4S USIL70 rides are dedicated to spreading the word about the miraculous existence and development of Israel, one of the World’s most advanced countries and certainly the only democracy in the Middle East.

In these troubled, confusing and divisive times, the mission of our 3500 miles ride is to combat preconceived opinions, lack of knowledge and lies distorting facts about the State of Israel. Our mission is to take a stand against BDS, explaining the complexity of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. A key aim of our ride is to introduce our audience to the contributions made, by the State of Israel, over the past 70 years, to the wellbeing of the World.

The same as done in 2017, the R4S bikers, carrying a message of peace, call communities (Christian and Jewish), politicians, diplomats, bikers, anyone to support these extraordinary and unique rides. We need partners, we need friends and we need bikers to join our missions.

Who is organizing R4S USIL 70?

Pastor Gary Burd, a member of the Mission M25, is leading the R4S USIL70 ride. He is a veteran of many rides; some conducted for raising awareness and help for people in need and some for honoring the US military. Alan Atkins, another veteran of such humanitarian missions and a member of R4S team since 2017, is working together with Pastor Gary Burd in organizing the route and the logistics of this great ride. Both of them are true believers and lovers of God and humans. 

Maximillian Marco Katz, the founder of Ride4Solidarity motorcycle team and rides. In 2002 founded the Center for Monitoring and Combating Antisemitism in Romania (MCA Romania) and he is the vice-president of the Romanian Zionist Movement. In the summer of 2015, the European Maccabi Games (also known as the Jewish Olympics) were held in Germany for the first time since the Second World War at the Waldbühne Stadion, site of Hitler’s infamous 1936 Berlin Olympics. This symbolic moment is captured in the documentary feature, “Back to Berlin”, which follows eleven modern day motorbikers on a mission to carry the Maccabiah torch and fly the Israeli flag from Tel Aviv to Berlin. Maximillian Marco Katz was one of the eleven bikers. ( more about “Back to Berlin” here http://www.luriamedia.com/back-to-berlin-2/ and here https://vimeo.com/luriamedialtd )

This is a mission, food for the souls!  We will ride 3200 miles, the distance ride from Los Angeles to New York (via Chicago), in 15 days. We will ride an average of 250 miles every day. Our core group, riding from LA to NYC, will include 20 bikers only; 10 Jews and 10 Christians. In our way, we will meet communities, build bridges and deliver our message of peace to people of good faiths, all sharing the same values.

Planting 70 trees on our way from LA to NY –  creating USIL70 DRIVE

Along the route we will plant 70 oak trees; one tree for each year of Israel’s independence. Long after the USIL 70 ride will be over the USIL70 DRIVE will be there for future bikers to ride along it and to plant new trees in the future. We invite you, the reader of these words, to adopt a tree. We will make sure to mark it with your name. We will send you a certificate indicating the exact GPS location of the tree. 

Who can participate? 

R4S is open to any experienced motorcycle biker,  older than 35, who has a heart that beats for freedom, for respect among people, for life, for democracy, for peace, for the State of Israel and for the United States of America.

How to register as a R4S Biker?

Go up and look for the ” New Biker Register ” button. Click and follow the procedure. Although the registration is possible also on mobiles, we recommend to register using on your notebook or desktop. Make sure that you register for “Ride4Solidarity with Israel70 (R4SIL70) ” ride.

How many bikers will the group have?

Because of logistics issues, the R4S group will include maximum 20 bikers. However, we welcome, as we progress, along the road, local bikers to join us.

Registration and Costs. Who is paying and how?

Each biker wishing to participate in our ride will have to:

  1. Register using the form to be found here http://ride4solidarity.com/rider-registration/  ( make sure you register for “R4SIL70” ride)
  2. Each biker will cover the costs of his own participation.
  3. Non-US participants are responsible for all and any travel arrangements/costs for getting and entering the US, including the necessary visa , flight arrangements and tickets, etc

The organizers reserve the right to accept/deny participation of applicant bikers without further notice.

What about sponsors?

We are seeking sponsors and any support will be much appreciated. In this respect, we contacted relevant organizations. Any sums collected from sponsors will be allocated to covering the expenses of all the team members. The donations, if received, will be administered in concordance with transparency principles and are fully accountable.

I want to donate. How can I do it?

On the top of the page, there is a DONATE button. Individuals wishing to take part in the financial effort the bikers are making for showing their support with Israel can help by accessing the DONATE button. Any and all donations are registered and displayed on the web page under each sponsor’s page. Any sums collected from sponsors will be allocated to covering the expenses of all the team members. The donations, if received, will be administered in concordance with transparency principles and are fully accountable.

What about security?

We are aware of the security issues that such a ride could generate. This is why we are in touch with the relevant authorities and institutions. However, each participant biker has to be aware of the security issues that R4S bikers are likely to face, especially when riding with Israeli flags up.

What about Health and Vehicle insurance for the R4S bikers? 

At the time when the R4S organizers are helping with gathering the relevant information, each participant biker is responsible for making any and all the traveling arrangements, including visas (if required) and insurances.

What about bikers safety and traffic regulations?

Each participant biker has the responsibility of informing himself on the traffic regulations specific to the states we are crossing on our road.

What do I need to be a participant biker?

  • –  Good health and endurance ( we will be riding 250-300 miles per day)
  • – Well maintained, fully functioning motorcycle
  • – Valid driving license,
  • – To be the legal owner/renter of the motorcycle you ride during the ride,
  • – Legal valid registration documents of the participating motorcycle,
  • – Valid passport with valid relevant visas ( if required)
  • – Proper riding and safety equipment ( including rain protection)
  • – Valid relevant insurance
  • – Team spirit and positive attitude
  • Participating bikers commit to:
    1. Follow in full  the ride’s leaders indications/instructions/decisions
    2. Respect and follow the schedule, including  instant changes imposed by the developing on road conditions
    3. Respect and follow all the safety rules to be announced.
    4. The organizers reserve the right to exclude from the ride any and all riders not respecting the above


For making this happen, we need you! Support us and make a difference. We need your help. Moral, logistical and financial. If you are a biker then donate from your time and come to ride with us. If you are not a biker come to meet us. Spread the word about our ride and join us. Be part of this unique and historical ride.

Attached to this message you will find the route of R4SIL70. For additional details contact us at info@ride4solidarity.com or by WhatsApp on +40 743 254 382 (Europe) or +1 806 6709669 (USA).