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Europe, the US, the UK, Canada, Israel, Africa, Australia, Asia, South America: hundreds of yearly terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists are threatening and affecting our lives, our homes, our World. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. Ignoring it, denying it or avoiding calling it by name it will not make terrorism disappear. Combating terrorism is not only a military thing: it became a daily task for all of us. We should not be afraid to speak about it; we should not be afraid to speak against it; we should not let terror to dictate our behavior and change our commitment to peace, to freedom, to life, to hope. In these troubled times we will prevail through solidarity. solidarity of all those sharing the same beliefs, the same principles of life and democracy.

R4S was created for us: bikers who want to ride together for telling to the World that we give a damn, that we will never remain indifferent, that we will never hide and will never surrender to any form of extremism and terrorism. We need your support. Bikers join us. Sponsors donate HERE